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FG Vins aims to meet the expectations of private and professional customers, with a selection of quality wines from well-known estates. behind FG Vins hides a dynamic man, fervent wine lover, who wanted to combine his different passions for oenology and customer relations. Originally from Vully Claude Verdon, 67, has been living for almost twenty years in Bursinel, a peaceful village located in the heart of the vineyards of the Côte Vaudoise. After years devoted to the wine trade, to set up on his own, in order to continue to develop and share his passion.


FG Vins is above all the story of a wine merchant passionate about oenology, commerce and contact with customers. Claude Verdon’s first experience with wine took place around twenty years ago, when he began as a sales representative of a Coopérative de Vignerons de la Côte Vaudoise. It was a real crush, which led him to travel to the largest wine-growing regions in Europe in order to expand and perfect his knowledge in the field. He thus visits the Bordeaux region in turn, known for its great wines such as St-Emilion, Margaux, or Pomerol, among others, then Côtes-du-Rhône, notably Châteauneuf-du-Pape or Lirac. He also has the opportunity to discover the Douro Region, La Rioja, but also Piedmont, Tuscany and Puglia.


At FG Vins we are committed to developing a true commercial ethic, based on the confidence of our customers, the quality of the wines offered and the establishment of a true partnership with our suppliers. with this in mind, we ensure that all the wines offered on our site are aged and bottled in their respective Domains, for true traceability. Thus, we make sure that our suppliers and partners are at the head of the development of their products from A to Z, from the beginning to the end of the manufacturing process.

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Whether to accompany an aperitif, a meal taken on the go, or a special occasion, red wine is – and will always be – an excellent idea. Especially since there are all kinds, to brighten up your paplilles in all circumstances. Robust, spicy, refined, fruity, you will be spoiled for choice among our selection of quality red wines. Red wine owes its particular color to the length of the vatting to which it is subjected from the harvest. During this first stage, the must and the solid parts of the black grape begin their fermentation process, during which the young wine absorbs the red anthocyanin pigments released by the skin of the grapes. The longer the vatting, the better the taste and color. of the wine are intense. Among the main grape varieties, we find Gamay, Le Pinotb Noir, Merlot, La Syrah, L’Humagne, and many others for Swiss wines, or even Grenache, Cinsault, Le Mourvèdre; Syrah, which makes it possible to produce renowned French wines such as Châteauneuf-du-Pape, Lirac to name a few. Lighter wines (Gamay or Pinot Noir) are perfect to accompany poultry or rabbit, while other grape varieties will go perfectly with red meats and game.




Fresh, refined and tasty, white wine is a must for your table. Aperitif with friends, light meal, or large gourmet table, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy the sweetness and lightness of the best white wines Swiss and European. Whether you like it fruity, floral, spicy, or meaty, whatever, there will always be a white wine to satisfy your palate. What mainly distinguishes white wine from red wine is the absence of vatting at the time of harvest. In the absence of this process, the wine therefore retains this characteristic golden white tone. Emblematic wine of French-speaking Switzerland, Chasselas is the ideal option for an aperitif or as an accompaniment to typical dishes from our mountains and valleys (fondue, raclette, vacherin fish). Its fruity flavors will delight the most discerning taste buds. A Viognier, more feminine, or a white Châteauneuf-du-Pape, more rare and distinctive from the exceptional soils of the Rhône Valley, are also prime alternatives. These wines will go perfectly with your fish, scallops, marinated mussels and goat cheese. To accompany meat, such as veal blanquette, or blue cheese, opt instead for a pinot gris, which will go perfectly with white meat.



Inseparable from the hot summer months, rosé wine is synonymous with escape and vacation. Light, simple, fruity and refreshing, it can be enjoyed on a balcony or a sunny terrace, while your mind is filled with images, each more extraordinary than the next: a white sand beach, a heavenly landscape, a lush forest. , …. What happiness! Appreciated for its fruity aromas and enchanting flavors, rosé wine is an excellent compromise between red wine and white wine. Fresh and delicate, it goes perfectly with summer grills, poultry, fish, seafood, tapas or even exotic cuisines. So, for an aperitif, a cocktail reception, or a meal with summer accents, choose from our selection of rosé wines of exceptional quality. Whether it is Rosé de Pinot Noir (Œil de Perdrix), Rosé de Gamay or Rosé Pinot-Gamay, all will satisfy the requirements of the most discerning palates.



A sparkling wine is a wine containing a concentration of carbon dioxide gas (CO2) sufficient to give it bubbles and foam when opening the bottle and a tingling sensation once in the mouth. It is thus opposed to still wines. The best-known French sparkling wines are Champagne, Blanquette de Limoux, Crémants de Loire, Burgundy, Alsace and Bordeaux, Clairette de Die or even Saumur Brut. Spain also produces cavas. many sparkling (spumante) and sparkling (frizzante) wines are also produced in Italy such as Prosecco. In France, there are also “quality sparkling wines produced in delimited regions”. Apart from champagne, they can also produce quality products, in more affordable price ranges because of their lower reputation.